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Writing & Math Course Placement

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Niagara University provides academic advisors with writing and math course placement recommendations for incoming freshmen.  Placement recommendations are made using the following high school scores:

  • 9th, 10, and 11th grade English and math grades
  • English and math exam scores
  • SAT scores, if available

Students will be recommended for one of three levels of writing and math courses and students are recommended to enroll in them during their first year at the University. Students who have previously received credit for these courses are exempt from enrolling in these courses.


  • WRT 100
  • WRT 100Y (a developmental section of WRT 100 that meets four hours/week)
  • CRL 101 (Critical Literacy, a three-credit hour integrated reading and writing course)


Math course required by major (considered a regular math course placement)

Developmental math course placement options:

  • MAT 102Y – developmental section of Introduction to Statistics
  • MAT 106 – Introduction to College Math
  • MAT 109 – Precalculus
  • LSK 095 – a noncredit basic math course.  Placement is confirmed by online testing completed prior to Orientation.
  • Additional Information for CRL 101 and LSK 095.