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Student Code of Conduct

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Statement of Purpose

The Student Code of Conduct forms the foundation for behavioral expectations in the Niagara University community. Working within the educational mission and Vincentian values of the university, the Student Code of Conduct strives to instill moral and ethical values, integrity and respect for the human dignity of community members. The enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct protects the rights, health and safety of all members so that they may pursue their educational goals without unwarranted interference. Students, along with members of the faculty, administration and staff, share the responsibility for the building and maintaining of an environment conducive to learning and development.

By their voluntary attendance at Niagara University, students agree to comply with the regulations and procedures set forth by the Student Code of Conduct. It is an expectation that all students read and understand the code. Students should expect to be held accountable for their actions and behavior both on and off campus and will be afforded the opportunity to contribute to the review of their actions.

Guiding Principles

Studying at Niagara University is a privilege best safeguarded by each student’s contributed use of good judgment and consideration for the rights and property of others. The Student Code of Conduct and procedures is aimed to support the educational mission and Vincentian values of the university and to encourage the mutual respect for all community members and their surroundings.


  • Consistent, continuing truthfulness to oneself and to others. Community members are expected to act in a positively honest and ethical manner in all aspects of the college environment, both in and outside the classroom.

Respect for Others

  • Community members are expected to respect the God-given dignity of every person regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, political view, physical abilities, age or intelligence.

Respect for Surroundings

  • It is a shared responsibility to respect both university property and the private property of all community members.

Citizenship & Service

  • Encouraging civility, care and respect for individuals and responsibility to the broader community.


  • The Student Conduct process is educational in that sanctions will be assigned in an effort to encourage behaviors that contribute to the well being of campus. Sanctions will be used to promote the expectations put forth by the Student Code of Conduct.

Students are not immune from local, state or federal laws because of their affiliation with Niagara University. The university reserves the right to take disciplinary action, independent of local authorities, for violations that take place off campus that may reflect negatively on the university. When appropriate, the university will advise appropriate officials when violations of civil or criminal law have been committed on campus. In instances where conduct violations could be actionable in court, the university’s student conduct procedures will proceed normally and will not be subject to challenge on the ground that criminal charges regarding the same incident have been dismissed or reduced.