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Serving Those Who Served

Niagara University has a long history of honoring and supporting students who, like you, served all of us through service in our nation’s armed forces. Since its earliest days, countless numbers of soldiers and veterans have attended Niagara, enriching the campus and transforming the lives of others. Included among those veterans are two Medal of Honor recipients, General William Donovan and Lieutenant John Bobo, and a humanitarian nominated for sainthood, Fr. Nelson Baker. They, along with thousands of notable alumni, have made a difference in the world.

Since World War II, Niagara has welcomed many veterans who came back to school, either to begin or resume their education. In that same welcoming spirit, we welcome you to our campus and thank you for your service.

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College Best Value for Veterans 2024

Schools reported on their benefits for veterans as part of U.S. News' annual statistical survey of undergraduate schools during spring and summer 2023. To provide military veterans and active-duty service members with data on which top-ranked schools offer benefits that can help them make pursuing a college education more affordable, U.S. News has produced the Best Colleges for Veterans rankings.

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Military Online Courses (GEM)

The GEM program links CCAF students to online regionally accredited civilian academic institutions that offer freshman- and sophomore-level general education courses. These courses fulfill the 15 semester hours of general education requirements toward the CCAF associate degree in applied science (AAS).

G.I. Bill® Program Information

Are you waiting for your VA benefits?

The Department of Veterans Affairs has made funds available for veteran students who are still awaiting their education benefit claim to be processed. Eligible veterans can receive up to a $3,000 advance, which will be recouped from future benefit payments. If you are a student who applied for one of VA’s education programs and have not yet received your monthly benefit payment for the fall term, you can request a one-time advance payment through the U.S. Department of Veterans Alliance or at your local VA regional office.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

Benefit Information

Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding (DOD MOU)

Niagara University uses block tuition for undergraduate students studying full time, so all students registered between 12 and 18 credit hours will be billed the block tuition rate.  The DOD MOU requires all students to take the yearly tuition, times the number of semesters required to complete the program, divided by the number of credit hours in the program.  The amount on the DOD MOU may vary from what would actually be charged.  This figure also does not include required fees.  The DOD MOU is designed to help military personnel make an informed decision about different schools.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Waving the Yellow Ribbon

The new Post 9/11 GI Bill© and Yellow Ribbon Program® make Niagara University as affordable as any school in the country.

Niagara University Veteran Coin

Niagara University Veteran Coin

Military challenge coins are also known as military coins, unit coins, memorial coins, unit challenge coins, or commander's coins. The coin represents affiliation, support or patronage to the organization minted on the coin. The challenge coin is a treasured and respected representation of the organization minted on the coin.

Invest in your future.

Undergraduate degrees are an investment in your future, and at NU we do our best to offer students financial options that make our programs affordable.

Niagara University currently offers scholarship and award opportunities.


Key Contacts

The entire faculty and staff of Niagara is prepared to assist you and, in particular, the following people are key campus contacts.


Karl Hinterberger

Karl Hinterberger
Program Director



Director of Student Accounts

Phone: 716.286.8305





Director of Admissions Operations

Phone: 716.286.8729



Sarah Bauch
I decided to enroll at Niagara University because it gave me a sense of community when I stepped foot onto campus. I knew I would thrive with the small class sizes and endless opportunities that would be provided to me. What I didn’t know is how much of an impact these opportunities would have on me, as well as my future.
Sarah Bauch, '21