The Student Accounts Office is located in the Butler Building on the opposite side of the building from the Campus Store and next to Health Services. Payments may be made in the office during regular office hours.  We are unable to process credit cards in the office.



  • Fall: billed in July; payment is due Aug. 10, unless signed up for Payment Plan B.
  • Spring: billed in December; payment is due Jan. 10, unless signed up for Payment Plan B.


  • Fall: billed in August (if registered), and the first payment is due September 10th unless signed up for Payment Plan B.
  • Spring: billed in January (if registered), and the first payment is due February 10th, unless signed up for Payment Plan B

Graduate students often do not register until later, so the first payment will be due the 10th of the next month as long as they are registered prior to monthly billing.  If you register later in the semester, the balance must still be paid by the end of the current semester to be able to register for the following semester. 

Payments Online

Students wishing to make a payment online would log into TouchNet using their PurplePass login, (students must create an account and give permission to authorized users, who must also create their own accounts), so they can see statements, sign up for payment plans (beginning July 15), schedule future payments, and make payments.  ***For credit or debit transactions, a 2.85% fee will apply (it is not charged by or paid to Niagara University).***  Echecks are free and Canadian Pre-authorized Debits are free.

Late Payment Fees

There will be a 2 percent late payment fee assessed on all open balances beginning in September for undergrads and October for Grads. Exclusions include deferments (if paperwork is filed timely) and payment plans (if payments are made according to the plan’s respective schedule).

Returned Checks

Any check presented to the university that fails to clear the bank shall be subject to a $25 handling charge. If the check is for payment of a debt, it also will be considered as non-payment.

Financial Aid

We will not defer financial aid on all statements. Once reasonable time has been given for aid to be credited, it is your responsibility to make sure paperwork is processed.