Confidence. Clarity. Purpose.

Is it NU?

 A Niagara University education delivers a coveted state-of-the-art degree, one that empowers graduates with the skills and confidence to excel in today’s global society as professionals and people. Our faculty, among the most highly credentialed in the world, are talented and caring mentors who will help you realize your fullest potential and provide you with clarity of direction – both during and after your time at NU. With programs informed by our Vincentian heritage, becoming a member of the Niagara family will instill in you a heightened sense of purpose through robust student life, service learning, leadership, and study abroad experiences.

We invite you to feel the energy and connectedness of our campus community. We call it Purple Pride, and it will look great on you.

Confidence. Clarity. Purpose. That’s the Power of Niagara University.

Molly | The Power of Niagara

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