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Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT)

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Meet our Team

emily pike

Emily Pike

Director, Office of Violence Prevention & Education
“Everyone deserves to be a part of a violence-free community. Establishing the Office of Violence Prevention & Education is a major step towards creating positive change on our campus. This office provides a space for our community to learn, build skills, and have productive conversations about gender-based violence. I hope to use my role on the CCRT as well as my position on campus to contribute to a healthy, inclusive, and uplifting culture here at Niagara.”

Lisa Arnet

Lisa Arnet

Vice President of Human Resources

john barker

John Barker

Director, Campus Safety
“In my role as Director of Campus Safety, I see violence prevention education, programs and policy as important pieces for maintaining a healthy and safe campus environment. Every student, staff, faculty member or visitor deserves the right to be on a safe, violence free campus. Establishing a violence prevention office is a significant step toward providing a campus free from violence and educated in violence prevention of all types. I look forward to continuing to support the work which is underway as we move toward a safer, violence free campus.”

Dr. Jennifer Beebe

Dr. Jennifer Beebe

Associate Professor, Counseling & Education
“The development of the CCRT and The Office of Violence Prevention & Education (OVPE) at Niagara University is reflective of our commitment to educate students, staff, and faculty on the importance of healthy relationships and bystander intervention. We are committed to being a part of the larger national conversation on decreasing dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking (DVDVSAS). This effort will result in training 21st century leaders who will help to further this cultural transformation, while embracing the mission and values of Niagara University.”

Dr. Debra Colley

Dr. Debra Colley

Executive Vice President of Niagara University
“The creation of the Office of Violence Prevention & Education (OVPE) and the work carried out by the CCRT elevates the leadership, commitment and advocacy needed to promote violence prevention. This community-wide leadership and action aligns with the true heart and spirit of the Vincentian mission. The collective efforts of the CCRT demonstrate the positive impact we can have - students, faculty, staff, administration and our community partners— when we collaborate to make a systemic difference. The guidance of the new OVPE and their call-to-action to promote violence prevention through education is transformational for our Niagara community.”

maria dinardo

Maria DiNardo

Mental Health Counselor
“Niagara University Counseling Services provides free and confidential therapeutic services to enrolled NU students to address a variety of concerns within a brief, person-centered framework from a compassionate and empathetic perspective. Our licensed mental health counselors support and advocate for victims of abuse, discrimination and violence as well as guiding students in exploring the health of their relationship dynamics. Call NUCS at 716-286-8536 Monday –Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm to initiate services.”

kelly engert

Kelly Engert

Accessibility Services Coordinator
“Niagara is fortunate to have a violence prevention office on campus, especially one that is so inclusive and supportive of students with a variety of needs and backgrounds. As the Coordinator of Accessibility Services, working with students with disabilities, I am honored to be included in this effort.”

Simon Gray

Simon Gray

Associate Vice President for Athletics
“A safe and comfortable environment is crucial for an organization to provide the type of experience where people can thrive. Raising awareness of violence prevention through critical training and programming is important because we all have a role in fostering a positive campus climate.”

Avril Harbin

Averl Harbin

Dean of Students
“It's essential to develop trust between the Dean of Students' office and the students. Through this work, we can take steps toward ensuring that our students feel comfortable in reporting incidents knowing that no retaliation will be made against anyone reporting acts of violence.”

Dr. Timothy Ireland

Dr. Timothy Ireland

Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs
“Violence prevention work matters to me because much of my academic life as a scholar focused on exploring the deleterious effects of growing up in a violent home. While family violence represents only one dimension of violence exposure, some of my research with colleagues suggests that exposure to family violence during adolescent years increases the risk for a number of negative consequences in late adolescence and emerging adulthood. Therefore, focusing on violence prevention helps to create a positive environment and positive relationships for growth and development in adulthood.”

Mati Ortiz

Mati Ortiz

Assistant Dean of Student Engagement & Belonging
“I believe all students have the right to a safe and supported college education in all areas of their experience in an institution, from academics to co-curricular. As we embark on our Office of Violence Prevention and Education, our students are excited to be a part of this awareness and education effort.”

Dr. Dana Radatz

Dr. Dana Radatz

Associate Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice
“It’s truly exciting to be a part of the CCRT and this new exciting chapter for Niagara University with the creation of The Office of Violence Prevention & Education (OVPE). It is my belief that everyone can contribute to making the world a safer place through violence prevention. As a criminologist, I work to educate others on the importance of raising awareness and promoting violence prevention as a way to reduce harms and victimizations. The OVPE provides a great way to promote and engage in violence prevention work — one which incorporates the voices and insights of students, faculty, and staff collectively — for the betterment of our campus community.”

Rachel Sacco

Rachel Sandle-Sacco

Rape Crisis Program Supervisor, YWCA of the Niagara Frontier
“The YWCA of the Niagara Frontier has had a long-standing relationship with Niagara University for many years, even prior to the Enough is Enough legislation. I spend time on campus monthly facilitating Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, and Stalking Prevention Education to different student and staff populations. I also am on call 24/7 for any student reporting a sexual assault to provide crisis counseling, information on their medical and criminal options, transportation to local hospitals, connecting them with referrals and resources. Over my long career of working with this campus and speaking with the population it has become abundantly clear that students have been seeking more information on these topics as well as a formal place to receive support and to be heard about their experiences. This violence prevention office on campus is a much-needed resource and I look forward to continuing to be able to lend the longevity of my work with the campus to help them in any way I can to be most effective to their campus community.”

christopher sheffield

Christopher Sheffield

Vice President for Student Affairs
“Niagara University’s Catholic and Vincentian mission call for us to respect the “dignity of every person.” Creating a campus community that is free from discrimination and gender-based violence is not only an ideal, it is imperative to upholding Niagara’s mission and values. The Office of Violence Prevention & Education plays a crucial role in violence awareness and prevention, supporting a safer, more equitable campus community and developing an authentic culture that respects and embraces these mission-aligned values.”

stacy seuss

Stacy Suess

Victims’ Advocate, Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance Unit
“No one can face trauma alone" - J. Herman
“Violence prevention is truly a team effort. We are happy to be a part of the solution.”