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PurplePass Account Policy

PurplePass LogoThe PurplePass is a single sign-on system that allows Niagara University students to use one username and password among several online systems and services. All current NU students will have a PurplePass created for them. 

Niagara University students that register for classes will have PurplePass account created for them. This provides access to several information systems on campus such as myNU, student email, lab computers, student web space, and more. Incoming freshmen will have accounts created for them prior to summer orientation to enable them to register online for their first semester classes. These accounts are limited to currently registered students and will be purged when that condition is not met.


When a student registers for classes, they will have a PurplePass account automatically created for them prior to the start of the semester they are registered for.

  • Incoming freshmen will have accounts automatically created for them prior to the summer orientation sessions.
  • PurplePass accounts will be purged when a student is no longer registered for classes.
  • There is a two semester grace period before the account is purged which allows a student to re-enroll without losing their account.
  • Once the add-drop period has passed for the third semester without enrollment, the account will be purged.

Activate PurplePass

Activating your PurplePass is easy!
Just need your username and date of birth.