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The Seal

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The Seal

The Seal

The seal of Niagara University is a crest, double-edged bearing the legend "NIAGARA UNIVERSITY" and in the base, "1856," the year of Niagara's founding.

niagara university seal

Coat of Arms

The shield is primarily about Our Lady of Angels. In the lower half of the shield is a white diamond which contains a crescent, the historical symbol of the Immaculate Conception. The first title of Niagara University, "Our Lady of Angels," is signified by the surrounding of the diamond and crescent by two angel's wings. A crown emphasizes that Our Lady of Angels is also Queen of Angels.

The upper half of the coat of arms depicts wavy lines, crossed by horizontal bars, to associate the university with the awesome power and grandeur of Niagara Falls, the location of the university. A total of 19 stripes (pallets crossing the upper half of the shield) are used in commemoration of the 19th century (1856), in which the university was founded.

At the uppermost point of the shield is an eagle, indicating the immediate location of the university on Monteagle Ridge. An eagle bearing a diamond also displays a heart, the symbol of St. Vincent de Paul, the founder of the Vincentian Community. They founded and direct the university.

The motto at the base of the shield, "Ut Omnes Te Cognoscant," translated means, "That All May Know You." It was derived from the Gospel of St. John and is the guiding principle of Niagara.