Niagara University Senior Term Enrichment Program (NUSTEP)

Welcome to Niagara University's concurrent enrollment program, NUSTEP. Niagara University offers many entry level (general education) college courses in local high schools for college credit. This program gives qualified juniors and seniors the opportunity to challenge themselves to the rigors of college level work while remaining on their high school campus - all at a discounted cost.

Students are recommended by instructors or school counselors for the program. High school instructors share their materials and work closely with Niagara University professors to construct their NUSTEP courses. Courses cost $75 per credit hour. Therefore, a three-credit course costs $225, a substantial savings over the regular fee. Students on free or reduced lunch programs (verified by high school administration) are able to receive a tuition waiver that will cover the cost of the course; there is a $25 non-refundable registration fee that all students are required to pay regardless of any type of waiver that they may receive.

After completing a NUSTEP course, a student will be able to receive an academic transcript from Niagara University which should be sent to any colleges the student applies to. Students can request a transcript for free using the Request a transcript link.

NUSTEP is accredited by The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships.  

NUSTEP Enrollment and Payment Deadlines

To enroll for NUSTEP, please select the link, Enroll Online, found on the left side of this page. Once you fill out the required information, you will be added to your teacher's roster. No payment is due immediately upon enrolling online, but payment for registration and tuition must be received before the specified payment deadline.

Online Enrollment

  • Spring Semester - Jan. 29-Feb. 23

Late Enrollment ($50 late fee assessed)

  • Spring Semester - Feb. 26 - March 9

Late Enrollment ($100 late fee assessed)

  • Spring Semester - March 10-23

Payments Accepted for Registration and Tuition fees

  • Spring Semester - Jan. 29-April 3
Please note: Courses will be dropped for nonpayment after deadline. 

Special High School On Campus Program

For the same price as NUSTEP ($25 registration fee and $75 per credit hour) high school students who are recommended by their guidance counselor or instructors can apply to take up to two college courses per semester at Niagara University where they would sit alongside college students. Students who are interested in this program must submit the Special High School Program Application to the NUSTEP office, indicating what courses they would like to sign up for (click here  for course offerings and availability). High school students may be approved to take 100 or 200 level courses based on prior academic work and availability of seating in the courses.