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Niagara University Senior Term Enrichment Program (NUSTEP)

Take college classes for a fraction of the cost (just $25 for registration per semester and $75 per credit hour with most classes being three credit hours)!

Get taught by one of your high school teachers at your high school campus!

Signing up for NUSTEP

To sign up for a class that you are taking at your high school, click the "Enroll Now" link and fill out the form that pops up. Enrollment is open for fall and full year classes from Sep. 4 - Oct. 12. Once signed up for a course (or courses), be sure to come back to this page to pay for the classes by Oct. 26. To pay, click on the "Payment" link.

Online Enrollment

  • Fall semester and full year courses: Sep. 4 - Oct. 12

Late Enrollment ($50 late fee assessed)

  • Fall Semester and full year courses: Oct. 13 - Oct. 26
  • Must call the office to enroll late (716.286.8181)
  • Payment must be made upfront with a credit card to enroll late

Payments Accepted for Registration and Tuition fees

  • Fall semester and full year courses: Sep. 4 - Oct. 26
Please note: Courses will be dropped for nonpayment after deadline. 

Special High School On Campus Program

For the same price as NUSTEP ($25 registration fee and $75 per credit hour) high school students who are recommended by their guidance counselor or instructors can apply to take up to two college courses per semester at Niagara University where they would sit alongside college students. Students who are interested in this program must submit the Special High School Program Application to the NUSTEP office, indicating what courses they would like to sign up for (click here for course offerings and availability). High school students may be approved to take 100 or 200 level courses based on prior academic work and availability of seating in the courses.