Varsity Village

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Are you interested in making art, music or an inspired meal? Learning more about different religions and faiths? Promoting literature, sustainability, health and wellness, community service or social justice? Varsity Village is home to our Program and Theme housing programs exclusively!

All residents of Varsity Village are involved in a Theme or Program House and have the unique opportunity for students to live together for the purpose of embracing and promoting a common theme or topic. Live with people who care about the things you care about. Challenge each other to grow and develop around the areas that are closest to your heart!

  • Program Housing is an exciting initiative that continues to grow each year! Faculty members lead communities for students around the themes of either social justice, leadership or sustainability (e.g., Earth House). Students live together in community as they explore their house's topic with the guidance of an NU faculty member and seek to make a difference in their community.
  • Theme Housing is a similar initiative but with student-led groups. These unique, self-directed living environments provide campus wide programs throughout the year. This initiative allows groups of 8-12 students the ability to live together and create their own programmatic experience around a topic of their own interest.

At capacity, Varsity Village houses accommodate 68 students who are selected through an application process. The houses are all coeducational by house and consists of six separate houses of two floors each. Common area facilities, such as a laundry area and kitchen, are located in each house and rooms are fashioned for single, double, and triple occupancy.