O'Shea Hall

O'Shea Lounge Tour

O'Shea Double Room Tour

O’Shea Hall is a high-rise building with some co-ed and some single gender floors that house both first-year students and upper-division students. The rooms in O’Shea are fashioned for double occupancy. At capacity, O’Shea accommodates 429 students and forms an inclusive community that includes a first floor lounge area with brand new furniture, two 65-inch televisions, ping pong and pool tables, a study room and kitchenette. Laundry, located on the first floor, is free. Each floor also has its own study lounge for students to use as well.

In O'Shea, you will have two community advisors, who are dedicated to your floor and to getting to know you as a student. CAs help build community in the halls, and help you succeed at NU.

O’Shea remains open during breaks to accommodate the students who need to reside on campus during those times, an attribute exclusive to O’Shea because of its newly built kitchen. The Residence Life Office is also located in O’Shea Hall.

Offering a unique opportunity for first-year students to live and interact with students from other class years, O’Shea is adjacent to overnight resident parking.