lotus flowerThe college years mark an important period of personal, academic, spiritual, and psychological growth that can become stressful for students at various times. Along with academic responsibilities, there are other life issues, concerns and decisions confronting students, such as developing greater independence, establishing a sense of identity, developing relationships, clarifying a personal value system, and planning a career.

Although facing these concerns can sometimes feel overwhelming, it can also provide important opportunities for growth. When dealing with these concerns, many students benefit from counseling as a source of support; to learn new, more effective ways of coping; to help clarify their thoughts and feelings; and to make decisions in important areas of their lives.

In support of Niagara University's Catholic and Vincentian mission, Counseling Services is dedicated to providing confidential mental health counseling to help students work through and overcome those obstacles that may be hindering their ability to reach their full potential so that they may achieve greater personal, social, academic, and professional success.