Student Teaching

PeopleMessage From the Director of Student Teaching

In general, most teacher candidates agree that student teaching is a valuable learning experience. As employers seek to hire new teachers, reports regarding performance as a teacher candidate are considered valuable information in this process.

Thus, one should plan for a successful student teaching experience; and while there are no guarantees, there are some activities that may help achieve success. Though some of the following guidelines have been mentioned elsewhere, these may serve as a summary of considerations as you are about to begin your student teaching:

  • Rank student teaching as your first priority; proper preparation and lesson planning are essential, and will require a great deal of time and effort.
  • Extend basic courtesy and respect toward school administrators, teachers, students and members of the community.
  • Strive to teach effectively and creatively with dedication and enthusiasm.
  • Be sure to plan for all teaching and submit plans to your teacher prior to teaching the class, unless otherwise requested.
  • Conform to school regulations and policies, and to local standards of behavior, including standards of dress.
  • Report to all school appointments and responsibilities at the scheduled time.
  • Become acquainted with students in your class (e.g. names of your students, background) as soon as possible via observations, and conferences with your classroom teacher.
  • Safeguard all personal/confidential information concerning students and use this information for professional purposes only.
  • Confer regularly with your classroom teacher regarding your professional progress as well as problems, which may arise concerning such matters as discipline and rapport with students.
  • When referring to the host school, the university program and the community, refrain from making unfavorable remarks.
  • Strive for professional and personal growth through continued study and effort.