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Computer and Information Sciences

Bachelor of Science

Overview of Computer and Information Sciences Program

Majoring in computer and information sciences offered so many varied career options with strong earning potential. NU offers CIS as a customized curriculum that empowers students in whichever path they take.  

Our program is broad based across several computer science and information technology fields to give you a foundation in several areas such as computer hardware, networking, programming, data management and information security while allowing students to specialize in digital forensics, web development, data visualization and mobile & gaming apps.  

NU’s personalized instruction model and small class sizes is just one way students have an advantage over their peers. An emphasis on experiential learning is another. Computer and Information Sciences majors have a high percentage of internship experiences and also have high graduate school and job placement rates.

The B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences leads directly into the M.S. in Information Security and Digital Forensics as part of our 4+1 Accelerated Masters program, so students can graduate with bachelors and masters degrees in five years.

We have new courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, blockchain & crypto and continue to offer new courses in emerging technologies.

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Why Computer and Information Sciences at NU?

Small Classroom Size

The CIS program offers a unique and personalized learning experience as a result of our commitment to small class sizes and flexible program structure. With a low student-to-faculty ratio, you'll receive individualized attention from our experienced professors who are committed to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals.


Our flexible program allows you to tailor your curriculum to your interests, whether you want to specialize in cybersecurity, web design, software development, IoT engineering, or artificial intelligence. You'll have the freedom to design a course schedule that works for you, so you can balance your academic pursuits with your other commitments.


Our university's computer program has undergone a comprehensive redesign to offer students the latest developments in the field. Our new curriculum includes courses that cover cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, cybercrime, and blockchain.

Bryce Molnar
Niagara has helped me develop confidence that I will use for the rest of my life. Niagara University has supported me in so many different Endeavors from starting Niagara University's Esports, helping with my research projects, providing me with references and people to support me. Niagara University as a whole is more of a supporting community than anywhere else I've ever seen.
Bryce Molnar, '21
Cybersecurity Systems Engineer in Information Security at Moog Inc.


Cyber Security
Web Development
Networking and Information Technology
Software Development
Data Science


Computer and Information Sciences
Faculty & Staff


Wendy O'Malley

Wendy O’Malley
Office Coordinator



Assistant Director of Support and Web Development
Adjunct Professor, CIS

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Dr. Taylan


Assistant Professor

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Dr. Yonghong


Associate Professor

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Dr. Suzanne C.



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