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General Studies

Associate in Arts

Overview of General Studies Program

General Studies provides a flexible program of study grounded in Niagara Universities liberal arts curriculum.

It is intended for students who wish to complete a two year Associate in Arts (A.A) degree, explore major or career options, or continue on to a bachelor’s program.

Students enrolled in General Studies select from the same courses available to all NU students. The program aims to provide students with an integrated course of study in the liberal arts which introduces students to a specific body of knowledge, stimulates a student’s intellectual curiosity, and encourages future study.

Individual schedules are tailor made with your advisor to explore your academic and career interests. A general outline of the courses required can be found below.

Students who wish to pursue a four year degree after finishing their associate degree, can easily continue on at Niagara University for a Bachelor’s degree. As students figure out their interests, the curriculum can be adjusted to assist the transition to a specific major.

Students who wish to continue to explore an individually designed curriculum can take advantage of the new Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies programs.

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Why General Studies at NU?


Complete a two year Associate in Arts (A.A) degree,


Explore major or career options

Continue Education

Continue on to a bachelor's program.

Typical Schedule

First Semester

  • Writing 100
  • Social Science (SS)
  • Humanities (H)
  • Mathematics
  • Free Elective

Second Semester

  • Religion 101 or 103
  • English 100
  • Concentration Elective
  • Natural Science (NS)
  • Free Elective

Third Semester 

  • Philosophy 105
  • Cultural Diversity (CD)
  • Analytical Skill (AS)
  • Concentration Elective
  • Free Elective

Fourth Semester

  • History 199
  • Concentration Elective (3)
  • Free Elective

General Studies


Dr. John P. Sauter, Jr.

Dr. John Sauter
Program Advisor