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Bachelor of Science

Overview of Finance Program

Finance program emphasizes hands-on learning designed to help students understand the financial structure of various organizations, and the basis of financial decision-making. 

Students in the B.S. in Finance program develop a broad base of knowledge in economics, mathematics, statistics, accounting and management.  This knowledge is then applied for measuring, managing and extracting financial value for individuals and organizations. 

Finance students develop a deep understanding of business principles such as raising capital, identifying investment opportunities and monitoring profitability.

Knowledgeable faculty with professional industry experience combined with small class sizes enable students to learn how financial value is created and to apply these ideas in real-world situations.  Working with these faculty enables students to develop professional connections, move into rewarding and high-paying careers in the ever expanding financial industry.  Finance students routinely use @Risk,  and data through Factset Research Systems.  These resources are available in the Financial Services Lab complex, housed in Bisgrove Hall, home of the Holzschuh College of Business Administration. 

Students in this program learn through case studies,  projects and internships with industry-leading companies.  In addition, students routinely travel to major financial centers in New York City, Chicago and Toronto.  

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Why Finance at NU?


NU finance faculty regularly conduct and publish research in recognized academic journals and hold leadership positions in the CFA Institute and on the CFP Board. Faculty collaborate with students in research projects, resulting in student presentations in conferences and competitions.

Experiential Learning

Finance students travel domestically and internationally, visiting financial centers in North America (NYC, Toronto, Chicago) and travel to London and Italy. Students also compete (and routinely) host the nationally recognized CFA Challenge competition.


Finance students pursue internships with leading companies such as Merrill-Lynch/Bank of America, Citigroup, M&T Bank, Alliance Advisory Group, Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Students build their professional networks by attending professional meetings and events.

Nick Graham
I can say with confidence that my classroom experience within the finance program has prepared me to enter the job market with a competitive edge. My classmates and I have had hands-on practice trading in live markets to make us as prepared as possible at graduation. I also found an internship in my field through the networking opportunities provided by the Holzschuh College of Business Administration.
Nick Graham, '20


Financial Analyst
Investment Banker
Banking Executive
Portfolio Manager
Financial Planner




Dr. Hoontaek Seo

Dr. Hoontaek Seo
Department Chair

Dr. Changjie


Assistant Professor

Phone: 905.294.7260



Dr. Hoontaek


Associate Professor of Finance
Chair of the Economics and Finance Department

Phone: 716.286.8146



Dr. Qing


Assistant Professor

Phone: 716.286.8058