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Africana/Black Studies


Overview of Africana/Black Studies Program

The Africana / Black studies minor focuses on the diaspora of African-descended people and cultures.   

The sequencing of courses includes areas of study on the History of Africa, The African-American (USA and Canada) experience, both historically and in contemporary times, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Hispanic, and other cultures and descents of African peoples. The program offerings range across traditional fields of sociology, criminology, history, literature, political sciences, law, communications, and education.  

Overall, the Africana/Black studies minor seeks to provide Niagara University studies with a multidisciplinary and comparative framework through which to explore African diaspora.

Generally, the minor is designed to introduce students to the history, culture and society, and political and economic conditions of Black people in Africa, the Americas, and elsewhere in the world; and to explore new approaches –  perspectives, analyses and interdisciplinary techniques– appropriate to the study of the Black experience.

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Why Africana/Black Studies at NU?


Students may choose between two tracks: Domestic, which focuses on the African American experience; and Diaspora, which examines the roots of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and subsequent forced migration throughout the Atlantic World.

Community Outreach

Students apply their global understanding of cultural diversity through a work of original research or direct outreach to the community in the form of extended volunteer work and/or internships appropriate to the minor and the Vincentian Mission.


The Niagara University Black Student Union (BSU) to ensure the educational, communal, professional, and social advancements of black and minority students on campus and in our surrounding community.

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Dr. Michael Durfee
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