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Special Education Advanced Certificate Online

Advanced Certificate / Online Program

Overview of Special Education Advanced Certificate Online Program

Special Education Advanced Certificate Online program may qualify candidates for special education certification in grades 1-6 or 7-12 provided all other New York State certification requirements are met.

Special educators in today’s world are dedicated professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. They are committed to the field of special education. They appreciate and embrace the diverse range of students’ needs. They remain lifelong learners as they seek out and implement validated practices supported by research in the field. They are able to work effectively within a variety of settings, situations and personalities.

Special education teachers are able to assess and evaluate student progress; make appropriate accommodations and deliver individualized instruction that is based upon each student’s individual educational program. Finally, special educators are constant agents of positive change in a demanding yet exciting field.   

Advanced Certificate in Special Education

  • Students obtain a certificate in grades 1-6 or 7-12.
  • Prepares teachers for the policies and practices of teaching students with disabilities.
  • Provides teachers with a professional core of courses emphasizing special education services and enhancing performance of students with disabilities.
  • Familiarizes teachers with various cultural, ethnic, racial and social backgrounds so that they may create a classroom environment which provides an atmosphere in which students can learn according to their abilities.
  • Provides teachers with classroom methods, effective instructional strategies, and curriculum/ assessment modifications necessary for instructing students with disabilities within the general education framework of inclusive practices.
  • Prepares teachers with identification instruments and strategies through testing and observation of students with physical, emotional, social and learning disabilities.
  • Assists teachers in creating a classroom environment for the inclusion of all children, regardless of ability, in which they can enhance performance in all areas of the curricular standards.

The program is open to students who hold a baccalaureate degree from an accrediting institution and have completed a M.S. in education from an accrediting institution.

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Why Special Education Advanced Certificate Online at NU?


Our program is offered completely online, allowing flexibility for the working professional. Course offerings are scheduled to help you complete the program in a convenient time-frame, and practicum hours may be fulfilled within the work place.


Our highly credentialed faculty have extensive field experience. With our small class size, you will receive the individual attention you deserve.


NU develops special education teachers to make a difference in the lives of young children, and to be constant agents of positive change in an exciting field.

Caitlyn Bukaty
The committed, caring nature of the faculty at Niagara University was the initial force that drew me to this amazing institution. Over the course of my graduate career, I came to realize that this attitude extended past the faculty, past the special education program, and throughout the entire campus. The emphasis placed on the importance of scholars as individuals is a unique and wonderful characteristic of the NU mission. I attribute my continued academic drive and success to the motivation and encouragement I received from the amazing faculty and atmosphere I was fortunate to experience in the special education graduate program at Niagara!
Caitlyn A. Bukaty
Senior Research Associate


Special Education Teacher
Directors of Early Childhood Program
Development Specialist
Childcare Services
Family Services


Faculty & Staff


Dennis Garland

Dr. Dennis Garland
Program Coordinator

Dr. Naima

Bhana, BCBA-D

Assistant Professor

Phone: 716.286.8102



Dr. Dennis


Associate Professor

Phone: 716.286.8330



Dr. Haoua M.


Associate Professor

Phone: 716.286.7388



Dr. Kathleen F.


Associate Professor

Phone: 716.286.8401



Dr. Donna C.


Associate Professor

Phone: 716.286.8452





Faculty Fellow, Early Childhood Special Education

Phone: 716.286.8507



Dr. Norline


Assistant Professor

Phone: 716.286.8275