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Hotel and Restaurant Management

Bachelor of Science

Overview of Hotel and Restaurant Management Program

The hotel and restaurant management degree program at Niagara University prepares students for management careers in the global hospitality industry at premier resorts, hotels, clubs, and foodservice establishments.

The core program challenges students to master today’s hospitality management competencies, including strategic management, finance and accounting, marketing, human resources, technology, and first-class service excellence.

Niagara University’s College of Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management provides students with ample resources to be successful within their major, including regular academic advisement, career counseling, and networking opportunities with notable alumni and industry leaders.

The curriculum is based on the core principles of a dynamic business environment with specialized emphasis on the unique technological, managerial, and analytical requirements of managers and executives in the hotel and restaurant industries. Integrated throughout the curriculum is an emphasis on globalization, leadership, and technological advances in hotels and restaurants.

The program encourages further specialization through the achievement of a single or double concentration in: hotel planning, development, and operations; food and beverage management; and luxury hospitality operations. Niagara’s open curriculum allows future managers to build their own concentrations to best suit their interests and career goals. Students select from coursework around planning, developing, and operating a hotel property; food and beverage management; and luxury hospitality operations.

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Why Hotel and Restaurant Management at NU?

International Connections

Students immerse themselves in internships at world-class hotels and restaurants to obtain industry experience.

Engaged Alumni

Our alumni return to campus each year with the single goal of helping Niagara graduates find their place in the fast-paced yet fun hospitality and tourism industry.

Scholarship Opportunities

We emphasize the importance of keeping a great education affordable and within reach of students and families.

Trevor Howell Headshot
Through my intro to hospitality course, I discovered that I had a love for the hospitality industry and all it has to hold. After completing this course, I met with my academic advisor. After a long conversation, we decided I should begin to pursue a double major in sport management and luxury hospitality operations. This decision changed the path I walk and drew me into the country club industry that I am pursuing a career in today.
Trevor Howell, ’23


Country Club General Manager
Hotel/Resort General Manager
Food and Beverage Management
Restaurant and Catering Management


Hotel and Restaurant Management
Faculty & Staff


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Dr. Bridget Niland, J.D.

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