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Modern and Classical Languages

Bachelor of Arts

Overview of Modern and Classical Languages Program

Modern and Classical Languages program enriches your personal life, expands the range of professional opportunities open to you and increases your power to act as a citizen of the world. 

Through its courses in language, literature and civilization, the department of modern and classical languages seeks to develop in all interested students an awareness and appreciation of both Western and non-Western cultures as well as the ability to communicate effectively in the language of their choice. The degree of proficiency sought and the skills to be attained are dependent on the career goals of the individual student. Individualized instruction, plus the opportunity to study abroad, permit qualified students to attain a degree of proficiency while preparing for careers in education, the humanities, science, government, law, business, nursing, interpretation/translation, tourism, hotel and restaurant administration or social welfare.

At the college level, you can begin a new language or build on your knowledge of a language that you have already studied.

Niagara University offers major degree programs in French and Spanish, and an interdisciplinary major in Romance Languages. There are minor programs in American Sign Language / Deaf Studies, Italian Studies and Latin American Studies, as well as language and culture courses in Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Arabic, and Classical Greek.

Not all courses in the language department are taught in a foreign language. We offer a number of courses in English, on the culture and literature of China, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Latin America and the Arabic World, which do not require any previous study of a foreign language. 

Proficiency Test

The Proficiency Test is an assessment tool meant to direct you to the level of language (French or Spanish) that is best suited to your abilities. Once you have completed the test, WebCAPE will indicate immediately which language course is the best match for developing and building upon your current skills. Assessment is free and takes approximately 20 minutes.

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Why Modern and Classical Languages at NU?

Career Opportunities

Speaking a second language opens up opportunities for jobs you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, plus it makes you a more sought-after candidate—even for roles that don’t directly require a second language.


All our language programs can be doubled with a major or minor in another discipline or a preprofessional degree, such as business, hotel and recreation, criminal justice, and education.

Study Abroad

We encourage all students to spend a semester or a summer at one of our affiliate campuses abroad. Not only is this an excellent way to perfect your fluency in a second language, but the time you spend abroad will be a life-changing cultural experience.

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"Niagara truly understands the diverse care er field of accounting. Faculty help students see paths beyond the traditional CPA route, and advise them on which ones may suit them best. I took electives in data analytics, which led me to a career in fraud detection and deterrence."​
Brandon Andrews, ’17
Auditor/Investigator NYS Office of the Attorney General​


Foreign Language Teacher
Foreign Service Officer
International Travel Coordinator

Modern and Classical Languages
Faculty & Staff


Dr. James A. McCutcheon

Dr. James A. McCutcheon Program Chair

Dr. Henrik C.


Professor of French
Associate Provost

Phone: 716.286.8214



Dr. Shannon


Assistant Professor of Spanish

Phone: 716.286.8217



Dr. James A.


Associate Professor of Spanish

Phone: 716.286.8211



Rachel E.

Violanti, B.A., N.I.C.

Faculty Fellow - Modern Languages

Phone: 716.286.8216