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Bachelor of Arts

Overview of Gerontology Program

Gerontology program will not only introduce students to the study of aging and the aged, it will provide opportunities for experiential learning, including research training, internships and community service placements working with the elderly.  

As the elderly population in the United States continues to grow, there is a corresponding increase in the need to prepare a workforce with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and values.

Some students are preparing for careers that will bring them in direct contact with older adults in health and human services, government, business, or education. Others may have less direct contact, but because older adults represent a large and growing segment of the population, students in every major will benefit from an understanding of the interests, abilities and needs of older adults.

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts degree take three required courses and seven electives. The required courses are

  • GRN 100: Introduction to Gerontology,
  • GRN 403: Supervised Research, 
  • GRN 493: Internship.
  • The electives represent three disciplinary perspectives: biological, psychological and sociocultural.

Depending on their interests and career plans, students select between one and five courses from each of the disciplinary perspectives.   

Graduates of the Niagara University gerontology program are well positioned to enter the workforce or continue their studies in professional or graduate programs. The gerontology major provides every student with a broad knowledge base, as well as research and applied experience.

The program’s flexibility allows students to select electives, minors, and double majors that support their interests and career goals. Students also have a choice of research topics and placement sites.

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Why Gerontology at NU?

Experiential Opportunities

In addition to the required research and internship courses, several of the disciplinary electives provide students with the opportunity to work with older adults. Students may volunteer for a single community service event, or they may commit to a semester-long experience.


The gerontology program has a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to the individual student. In addition, the program easily accommodates minors and double majors.


One of the fastest growing employment sectors in the United States, and there is a critical demand for individuals with a background in aging in virtually every field.

Dayna Starks
The gerontology program at NU gave me so much more than a degree - it gave me the creative space to explore my passion. It was the catalyst that helped me grow into the student, researcher, and advocate I am today for older adults.
Dayna N. Starks, '21


Elder Law
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Faculty & Staff


Dr. Susan E. Mason

Dr. Susan Mason
Department Chair

Dr. Susan E.



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