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Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science

Overview of Economics Program

Economics is a versatile major that develops your analytical and quantitative abilities while learning about how the economy functions and how individuals relate to one another. 

 A degree in economics is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a wide range of career options. It offers a unique way of thinking about the world and focuses on critical thinking and quantitative skills. Most of all, economics is fun!

Economics is the study of how people and societies choose to use scarce resources.  More specifically, it is a social science analyzing how businesses decide what to produce and how consumers decide what to purchase, and how the market system allocates resources.

Economics students have the choice of two degree tracks, both include courses in economics, statistics, business analytics and econometrics.

  • The bachelor of arts is more flexible and enables students to combine economics with majors outside of the college of business, such as mathematics, actuarial science and political science.
  • Students pursuing the B.S. in Economics follow the core business curriculum and can easily add a minor in finance, accounting or management.

Ultimately, both degrees prepare you for a career in economics and exposes you to the same concepts and ideas although each allows for different focus. 

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Why Economics at NU?

Experiential Learning

Economics students work with faculty on research projects and present their work at academic conferences. Students also participate in national competitions such as the FED Challenge and the Business Analytics Competition.


Students who are economics majors are well prepared for competitive careers in any business sector. Many students go on to law school or pursue a graduate degree in Finance or business.


The economics faculty are accomplished academics as well as successful business practitioners. They bring industry knowledge and best practices into the classroom.

Joseph A. Tricarico
Niagara University has a unique community of people passionate about their fields and interested in helping others. I am proud to be a part of this community and it was my time at Niagara that helped me to decide to pursue a career in law. The ability to interact with, understand, and utilize complex information is what studying economics at Niagara University prepares you for. Skills enhanced by my studies include critical thinking and logical reasoning and have helped me to be successful in studying law.
Joseph A. Tricarico, ‘21


Data Analyst
Investment Analyst
Financial Planner
Credit Analyst
Policy Analyst




Dr. Hoontaek Seo

Dr. Hoontaek Seo
Department Chair

Dr. Joseph


Faculty Fellow

Phone: 716.286.8143



Dr. Dennis


Assistant Professor

Phone: 716.286.8334



Dr. Kristine


Associate Dean of Curriculum and Program Development
Associate Professor of Economics

Phone: 716.286.8180



Dr. Krieg


Director of Enrollment and Operations Assistant Professor of Economics

Phone: 716.286.8158