Special Education Online | Masters & Advanced Certificate

Now Available Online

Master of science in education in special education grades 1-6 and grades 7-12 is now being offered online!

Check out our Early Childhood and Special Education B-2 program!

About our Online Special Education Programs

The overall goal of the program is to provide teachers with the knowledge of instructional principles and practices for teaching students with disabilities and to offer the opportunity to pursue a master of science in education degree. Special educators in today's world are dedicated professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. They are committed to the field of special education. They appreciate and embrace the diverse range of students' needs. They remain lifelong learners as they seek out and implement validated practices supported by research in the field. They are able to work effectively within a variety of settings, situations and personalities.

Special education teachers are able to assess and evaluate student progress, make appropriate accommodations and deliver individualized instruction that is based upon each student's individual educational program. Finally, special educators are constant agents of positive change in a demanding yet exciting field.

What Makes Niagara University's Special Education Program Different from Other Programs?

Niagara University's programs in special education emphasize knowledge of the foundations of special education, characteristics of learners, assessment, as well as instructional methods, accommodations and modifications for students within various special education programs.

Additionally, Niagara's special education programs are housed in a College of Education that was one of the first in New York state to obtain national accreditation through CAEP, and has maintained this national accreditation continuously since 1984.

Our special education master's program is now offered in a 100% online format for busy teachers who find it difficult to commute to campus, but who would like to have the opportunity to engage in professional development in a graduate program.

Master's Degree in Special Education

The 40-credit-hour master's programs lead to initial/professional  certification in:

  • Teaching students with disabilities, grades 7-12 (100 percent online)
  • Teaching students with disabilities, grades 1-6  (100 percent online)

Candidates must hold a teaching certificate in an approved area to be admitted and therefore may also use  this degree to satisfy requirements for professional certification in New York state.

Advanced Certificate in Teaching Students with Disabilities (also available online)

The graduate division of education offers a program leading to a certificate of advanced studies in special education. The AS may qualify candidates for special education certification in grades 1-6 or 7-12 provided all other New York state certification requirements are met. The AS in special education is open to students who hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and have completed an M.S. in education from an accredited institution. The certificate consists of 24 hours of course work.

Fieldwork in various formats is also a requirement. If judged to be relevant courses, up to six graduate hours of transfer credit may be accepted toward program fulfillment by the degree and certificate programs.