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Tourism & Event Management

The tourism and recreation management degree program at Niagara University prepares students for management careers in the expanding field of tourism and recreation. In addition to the core courses in tourism and recreation, the curriculum is based on rigorous business management courses developed with specialized emphasis on the unique technological, managerial, and leadership requirements of managers and executives in the tourism and leisure industries. Future employment opportunities center on the credentials of our graduates to posses both theoretical and practical skills and experiences. Many courses offer a practical component. Upon successful completion of the program the student will have acquired both an applied and theoretical understanding of the tourism and recreation profession through the successful completion of a core curriculum, a specialization within the field, and career-oriented practical experiences.

Students will be able to meet the challenges of this rapidly changing industry in which leadership, information technology, multiculturalism, and internationalization play important roles in business management. TRM majors are also encouraged to choose from a variety of elective courses, or can select a second concentration. The program encourages further specialization through achievement of a single or double concentration selected from these concentrations: tourism destination management and event and meeting management.

Moreover, students are able to enhance their study of the major through the selection of both a concentration and focus. Each TRM major selects a concentration and each concentration allows a selection from two focus areas. This maximizes student choice, allowing more breadth and depth in the curriculum.

TRM students selecting a concentration in tourism destination management can select a focus from: marketing or management; and TRM students concentrating in event and meeting management can select a focus from: event operations and design or community event management.

This cutting-edge degree program is designed to provide students with a readiness and competency for employment in the worldwide tourism and recreation industry is such diverse settings as theme parks, fitness facilities, tour operations, cultural and natural attractions, events and festivals, transportation industries, sports and entertainment venues, tourism promotion agencies, convention and meeting services, shopping centers, historic preservation districts, and retirement communities. Upon graduation, students may also pursue graduate studies.