International Studies

With a rapidly expanding world, along with the cultures, people, and events within, International Studies is considered one of the most in-demand academic fields in the United States. The primary focus at Niagara University is taking an interdisciplinary approach so that students learn about the world from different perspectives. Combining this with small class sizes and recognized professionals, students will advance their understanding of international environments.

Faculty will set up a goal with students to develop an understanding of the world as a whole through research methods. Students will learn the necessary skills to collect and analyze evidence to come up with their final answer to the developed plan. Faculty is a constant in the students' journey to gain the most from their education, and to enjoy the studies they are undertaking. The faculty will facilitate the requirements for students to be successful in their critical thinking about global issues and to be able to succeed in their future in business, government, foreign academic or social environments. Students will inevitably be prepared to succeed in their future, through today's achievements, and will be apt to contribute their skills and know-how to the international marketplace.

With the importance of preparation and job preparedness, students will be ready and able to lead in the global marketplace. They will have a global mindset, ready to develop international awareness, due to an array of course offerings, along with the opportunity for students to branch out into many fields of study within the major. Having a relatively small student body, the International Studies program allows for individualized attention and adaptation for students seeking out a more flexible program. Students will also have the opportunity to study in a mandatory international internship or study abroad program, which will further their skills in the international marketplace. The faculty will be flexible with schedules, offering short-term study abroad options. To learn more about study abroad opportunities at Niagara University, visit the Niagara University Study Abroad Program website.