Work Study

Students that have been awarded a work study on campus can use the money they will earn over the semester to pay for part of their tuition cost. With the completed Work Study Deferment form, we can set up an automatic withdrawal from their bi-weekly paychecks. When we receive the completed form with an original signature, we will set up a deferment of the estimated amount based on a percentage (10-90 percent) of the work study award amount.

View, and print the form, then please mail the completed form back to the Student Accounts Office. We must have an original signature.

If you sign up for the deferment and miss more then two deferment payments, we may cancel your deferment, because you are presumably not working at your position. We send home work study statements every month during the academic year, so students can monitor their accounts.

At the end of the fall semester, we will review  your student deferment and compare it to the actual earnings, if you did not earn enough to pay off your fall deferment we will reduce the amount of your spring deferment.   We will also conduct a review in March before registration to make sure students are on track with their earnings. If not, students will receive an email to inform them that we may have to remove some of their deferment. This may cause them to have a registration hold. Students may adjust their deferment at any time in writing.  If students have a balance or a credit on their work study account at the end of the academic year we will move everything to the tuition account and either send out a bill or a refund.

If you have a credit on your tuition account and have given us permission, we will reduce or stop your deferment and use the credit to offset your work study deferment. If your work study deferment was canceled, you will receive all of your earnings in your paycheck. If you have applied for a refund, all refunds will be held until the work study deferment has been paid in full.