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Student Refunds

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Overpayments & Excess Loan Funds

Credit balances will be refunded within 14 days from the point that there is an actual credit on the student account. Students should complete their banking information in TouchNet and in Self Service to have an electronic refund processed. This helps avoid lost checks in the mail. Notification will be sent to students when the refund is processed.

If excess funds from a Parent PLUS loan create a credit balance on the student account, the refund will be issued according to the borrower’s preference on the Parent PLUS loan application. Refunds will be issued through our standard refund process if the borrower elects to have a refund issued to the student. Parent PLUS loan borrowers that elect to have refunds issued to them will be mailed a refund check directly from NU.

All refunds must be approved by the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices. If the student is using the work-study deferment, third-party deferment, the company reimbursement, or ROTC programs and has requested a refund, they may have to wait until these programs are paid first. If the refund is by electronic means, there may be a two-day delay from the notice that is sent to the student and the actual deposit to their account.