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Tax Forms

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1098T Tuition Statement

Eligible students will receive the 1098T tuition statement each year by Jan. 31 outlining the prior year’s tax information.

TL11A and TL11C Canadian Tax Forms 

Eligible students will receive an email explaining how to download and print the TL11A or TL11C tax form each year by Feb. 28. The Student Accounts Office will provide Canadian tax forms to students who are Canadian citizens or who need the forms to complete their Canadian taxes. If you are designated as an American citizen but live in Canada, please contact us so we can provide you with the proper tax form. If you are a Canadian citizen, DO NOT use the 1098T form, as Revenue Canada will not accept it.  

Students may view and print their TL11A  or TL11C forms electronically through their myNU. Complete the consent to view the form and then you will be able to view and print your TL11A or TL11C. If a form is not available on your myNU account, please call 716-286-8300 so we can generate one for you. (We generally have to add students who have dual citizenship or are not Canadian citizens). Do not use the 1098T form if you are filing Canadian taxes as it will not be accepted by Revenue Canada.

T2202 Canadian Tax Forms 

Canadians who attend school in Canada will have a T2202 form completed for them each year by Feb. 28. Beginning with the 2022 tax year, students can download and print their T2202 on Self Service. You will receive an email in February notifying you when the form is available. Forms for tax year 2021 and prior are available on myNU.