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Canadian Student Information

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Canadian Student Billing and Payment Policy: Lewiston, NY Campus

New Canadian students whose enrollment begins with the 2024 summer semester or later pay in USD. Niagara University has partnered with several international payment processors to provide our students options with the best currency exchange rates.

Canadian students attending Niagara University in Lewiston, N.Y. that began their program in 2024 spring or prior and did not have a break in enrollment have a currency exchange cap.

The exchange rate is determined:

  • May 1 for summer billing
  • July 1 for fall billing
  • Dec. 1 for spring billing

The difference between the U.S. and Canadian exchange as determined prior to each semester will be charged to out-of-pocket costs. The exchange cap for the 2024 summer semester and the 2024 fall semester is 30%.

Canadian students that began in 2024 spring or prior must pay in Canadian funds using TouchNet – Canada. Do not use any other payment site or the payment will be in U.S. funds. We are unable to issue refunds or credits if you use the U.S. site.