Payment Plans

Niagara offers a convenient, interest-free monthly payment plan in partnership with TouchNet to easily plan and afford your education expenses. After enrolling, you will be able to budget tuition and fees in four or five months for the fall and spring semesters, instead of paying your full tuition at the start of each semester.

Fall Payment Plan Dates

  • Five monthly payments Aug. 1 to Dec. 1
  • Four monthly payments Sept. 1 to Dec. 1

Spring Payment Plan Dates

  • Five monthly payments Jan. 1 to May 1
  • Four monthly payments Feb. 1 to May 1

You must apply each semester. The $25 fee per semester will be due at sign-up. TouchNet will calculate the amount due by taking the balance after pending financial aid and dividing it by the number of payments in your plan.

All payment plan payments must be current to remain on the payment plan. If your payment plan is not current there will be a hold on future registration.  We reserve the right to remove any student with 2 missed payments.

You will be charged when you sign up for the payment plan.

We do not charge any additional interest or financing fees for student on the payment plan. We may charge you a late fee if your installment is late.

Yes, you will be automatically accepted provided there is no past due balance from a previous semester and you apply before the cut off date.

If you are providing financial assistance or guidance for a student and would like to manage payments on their behalf, our payment system allows students to grant you access to view billing information and make payments. Simply, ask the student to grant you access and you will be able to assist in managing their account using a simple, intuitive online payment and billing system. Authorized users will receive an email with a link to create their own log in and password.