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Out of School Accounts

If you are not enrolled and have an outstanding balance, all official documents, including transcripts and diplomas, are held until the account is satisfied in full.  Students with outstanding balances will begin to receive written and email  correspondence with available options such as payment in full, and monthly payments. Please complete the application for monthly payment plan and return to:

Student Accounts Office
Attn: Karen Caso
P.O. Box 2004
Niagara University, N.Y. 14109

Upon receipt of the signed agreement, monthly statements will be mailed. Payments are due the first of each month.    

Failure to respond to the university or to remit monthly payments will result in a late fee being applied to the account, and may result in the account placement with an independent collection agency. Once the account is placed, the student will be liable for any legal or collection fees that are incurred in addition to the balance owed.    If a Canadian account goes to collection they are placed with a Canadian collection agency.

Additional loan resources are available to assist the student. You may obtain additional information by contacting the Financial Aid Office at 716.286.8686 or  

For any questions, please contact Karen Caso in the Student Accounts Office at 716.286.8376 or Click here for the application.

Failure to remit monthly payments by the first of every month may necessitate a late fee being applied and further collection efforts. Students may also be held responsible for reasonable collection fees, attorney fees and court costs to collect outstanding balances.