Women's Studies Program

What is Women's Studies?

Women's studies creates an interdisciplinary framework for analyzing the historical, economic, political, social and cultural experiences of women. Women's studies courses strengthen critical inquiry as students learn to think and read through the lens of women's experiences and lives. Women's studies courses are premised on the assumption that sexism exits in North America, as well as in most places in the world, and has a profound impact on women's lives. Students examine gender as a social construct which is essential to understanding power relations, social customs, and institutions.

Why a Women's Studies Minor?

Virtually all graduate programs and professions require a consideration of gender issues. A background in women's studies is thus useful for further academic studies. It also prepares students for a variety of occupations, such as law, criminal justice, business, social welfare, healthcare, counseling, human resources, economic development, education, journalism, literature, the arts, and community organizing at the local, national or international levels. Look here for a list of the things you can do with a minor in women's studies!

What Courses does NU offer in Women's Studies?

The minor in women's studies requires the completion of WMS 200 and four electives. With the permission of the women's studies coordinator, another course on a women's related issue or internship or co-op may be substituted for one of the required courses. Other courses include those that address women's studies issues such as gender, race, class, etc. All courses that qualify for women's studies minor may also fulfill other general education and/or major requirements. Students interested in the women's studies minor should contact Dr. Shannon Risk or call, 716.286.8084.