Office of Multicultural Affairs

Helping Spread Cultural Awareness and Making Difficult Conversations PossibleCapture

Maximize Your College Experience

The Office of Multicultural Affairs  seeks to help each student maximize their college experience through learning more about themselves, as well as others. We create programs that will make Niagara University an even more enjoyable place to be, and provide the information necessary for students to reach their goals. As we know, each person defines what success is, and we look to support each other in developing this definition and fulfilling its reality.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs:

  • The campus office (located in Lower Level Gallagher) supports a wide variety of events and programs relating to culture and diversity (MLK Week, Latino History Month, Black History Month, Native American History Month, food/culture nights, music panel discussions, and the Student Ball).
  • Is inclusive of all members of the NU campus community.
  • Provides advice and support to students, various student organizations and a peer advocacy group, Diversity Advocates.

By getting involved with the Office of Multicultural Affairs, students can:

  • Plan and participate in cultural events.
  • Go on educational and recreational trips locally and/or nationally.
  • Experience authentic international foods in our region.
  • Create presentations on topics and research that interest them.
  • Participate in activities that allow them to share their culture.
  • Perform and share their talents with fellow students.
  • Meet students, faculty and staff from a variety of cultures and diverse backgrounds.