Liberal Arts

Why Major in Liberal Arts?

The liberal arts major at Niagara University offers students a unique opportunity to design an interdisciplinary major that is especially suited to their own particular interests or career goals. The program aims to produce independent, critical thinkers who are able to understand interconnections between academic disciplines; synthesize diverse types of knowledge to solve problems; and communicate effectively across disciplinary discourses. The program aims to create graduates who are well prepared for life after college, whether in graduate studies or employment in a variety of fields, including education, law, government, business, journalism and art, among others.

How Does It Work?

Working closely with the liberal arts adviser, faculty from relevant disciplines, and the Office of Career Services, students select courses related to a core problem, topic, or theme that is of special interest to them, and that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries. This work will culminate in the completion of a Senior Seminar research project centered around the student's interests.

Students may create their own programs of study or select to follow one of the already-established paths defined by the program's model majors. These include pre-law, pre-med, environmental studies, applied fine arts, and writing studies.


  "NU Chapel," Giorgio Cole

  NU Chapel in Watercolor by Giorgio Cole

Giorgio Cole is currently finishing his bachelor of arts degree in liberal arts, with a focus on applied fine arts, and a minor in art history. Being raised in the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario, which borders Canada from the United States, Giorgio has exhibited in both countries and finds this duality to be exceedingly motivational, instructive, and most opportune. Furthermore, he acclaims this duality to be an immense opportunity for young and emerging student artists like himself attending NU, who wish to showcase their work and unique talents on an international level. Giorgio also recognizes the Castellani Art Museum, located directly within the university campus, as a great opportunity for liberal arts majors/aspiring artists attending Niagara, to explore both their own creative side, while studying the works of other accomplished artists by means of the institutions admirable collection and recent art history with museum studies program. Giorgio continues to exhibit his work on an international level. He resides in his hometown of Niagara Falls, Ontario.