Criminology & Criminal Justice

American students from Niagara University, who met with members of the Northern Ireland District Policing Partnership for an information briefing.

There is perhaps no field as interesting as the study of crime and justice. The mission of the criminology and criminal justice program at Niagara University is to instill in students a respect for the rights of all persons before and after coming into contact with the system. 

We also desire to imbue in our students a commitment to a series of values that prepares them for leadership, but also provides them with the ability to think critically with respect to the important issues facing the criminal justice system. This is achieved by offering a balanced curriculum with courses in the causes of crime, law enforcement, law and adjudication, and penology, as well as travel abroad and cooperative education opportunities.

Led by our skilled and dedicated faculty members, students of Niagara University receive quality guidance and education throughout their time at NU. Our faculty strives to serve our students as best they can, wanting nothing more than the success of our students. Our faculty has been recognized for their dedication, with Dr. Rivera and Dr. Harmon being recipients of  the University Outstanding Teacher Award.