Art History with Museum Studies

Student evaluating artwork in the Castellani Art Museum.

Art History with Museum Studies is both an academic and professional program that provides students with a scholarly study of art, culture and museums while focusing on the area of professional museum work such as curatorship, education, collections management, museum administration and development. All students will have some experience in both kinds of study.  

The art history curriculum will examine stylistic developments along historical time frames and address how art reflects culture, technological innovation and sociopolitical issues. It will teach students methods of analysis and interpretation for understanding works of art and enable them to discover the rich and complex relationships of art to other aspects of culture.  

Museum studies courses will explore theoretical issues critical to the rise and role of the museum and its relation to history and culture. The program will also provide courses that help prepare students for internships and entry-level positions in museums, galleries, or other arts organizations.  

Additionally, the program will also prepare students for continued academic work at the Masters and Ph.D. levels. Our partnership with the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University, centrally located on campus, is an integral part of the museum studies component, providing opportunities for museum internships and exhibition-based courses.