Liberal Arts

Model Majors

Students may select to follow one of the already-established paths defined by the program's model majors. These include Applied Fine Arts, Art History, Gerontology, Multicultural Studies, Romance Languages, and Writing Studies.

Individualized Majors

On the other hand, the program also offers creative students the opportunity to design individualized majors especially suited to their own particular interests or career goals. Working closely with faculty from each of the relevant disciplines, these students plot their own course of study around some core problem, topic, or theme that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Beyond guiding students to a sophisticated understanding of their program topic, the central goals of the Liberal Arts program are to produce independent, critical thinkers who are able to find and to understand the interconnections between academic disciplines; who can synthesize diverse types of knowledge; and who are self-conscious about the relationship between their studies and their career goals. In this way, the program aims to create graduates who are well prepared for life after college, whether in graduate studies or employment in a variety of fields, including education, law, government, business, or journalism.