Chemistry Lab

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We are now accepting applications through Jan. 15 for the Niagara University Science Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NU SURF). This competitive fellowship provides motivated incoming students with funding and support to pursue research more deeply. Check out this page for more information, and to apply!

Why study chemistry?

Chemistry and its influence are everywhere from the materials in the car you drive, to the vitamins you take in the morning, to the laboratories where chemists are developing life-enhancing and diseasecontrolling products.

A solid preparation in chemistry is essential for professionals in most scientific areas.

Niagara University's Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics offers courses and programs that provide pre-professional training that prepare students for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pharmacology and other health sciences.

This strong chemistry background also prepares students for graduate school, or positions in business, industry, pollution control, and ecology.

Our Strengths

  • Individualized attention in small classes from a supportive community.
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment in the brand new B. Thomas Golisano Center for Integrated Sciences.
  • Guaranteed hands-on research training with faculty who are experts in their fields.
  • Technical education balanced with Niagara University's liberal arts training.
  • A program focused on career-relevant technical and communication skills.