Scholarships & Grants

A Niagara University education may not be as expensive as you think. We are one of the least expensive private institutions in the region.

All of Niagara University's merit-based scholarships, achievement awards and grants for incoming, first-year students are based on your cumulative high school average and standardized test scores. Best of all, these awards are for each of your four years at NU, providing that you are either a citizen of the United States or are an eligible non-citizen (federal definition), maintain full-time status and possess the required quality point average.

And, because our merit-based scholarships, awards and grants are based on a sliding scale, there are many variations to the examples below. In addition, you may be eligible for other assistance based on your financial need.

The following are the scholarships and eligibility requirements that are valid for the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters.  

Undergraduate Scholarships

Niagara Trustees' Scholarships 95% average with an 1220 SAT score (EBRW)* (25-26 ACT); or 91% average, 1280 SAT score (EBRW) (27 ACT) $19,000 per year
NU Presidential Scholarships 90% average with a 1130 SAT score (EBRW) (23 ACT); or an 85% average, 1190 SAT score (EBRW) (25 ACT) $17,000 per year
NU Achievement Awards Averages range in the mid- to upper-80s  with a 1030 - 1130  SAT score (EBRW) (20-22 ACT) $15,000 per year
NU Grants Averages range in the 80s with a 1030 SAT score (EBRW) (20 ACT) $10,000 per year

*EBRW is the abbreviation for the English-Based Reading and Writing sections of the SAT.