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Family Literacy Center

What we do

Family Literacy CenterThe Family Literacy Center, within Niagara University’s College of Education, serves as a valuable on-campus community hub, specializing in the identification and remediation of reading challenges, while promoting overall literacy development. Families can take advantage of cutting-edge facilities, the latest research-backed instructional methods, and evidence-based interventions. The services are delivered by College of Education students under the close guidance of experienced university faculty who are experts in literacy instruction. All programs adhere to the New York State Next Generation Standards and the International Literacy Association (ILA) Standards, ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality educational experience.

Family Literacy Events

Our family literacy events bring together parents and their children to celebrate literacy. Games and activities are designed to encourage literacy development and can be easily incorporated into family routines. Each event is tailored to its specific audience; no two events are alike!

Meet The Director

Kathleen McGrath

Dr. Kathleen McGrath is an associate professor in the College of Education, Department of Advanced Teacher Education. She is a New York State certified Literacy Specialist, holds a BA in English and Elementary Education from Niagara University, and an MA in Literacy from SUNY at Buffalo. She pursued doctoral studies at SUNY Buffalo, attaining a PhD in Literacy Education. She taught primary and elementary grades in the Sweet Home School District from 1993 to 2006 and contributed to the clinical setting at the Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction, SUNY Buffalo, supervising graduate-level students during their clinical practicum.

Currently, Dr. McGrath teaches literacy methods in the Advanced Literacy Instruction program, serving as the Faculty Director of the Family Literacy Center and Chair of the Department of Advanced Teacher Education. Her research focuses on family literacy, addressing struggling readers’ needs, and advancing teacher education in diagnostic assessment and clinical instruction. Her recent articles include:

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