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Board of Advisors (U.S.)

random picture of students or building on the NU Campus
  • Rev. William Allegretto, C.M., ’80
  • Robert Bradley Jr., ’97 (Vice Chair)
    NF Memorial Hospital/Heart, Love & Soul
  • Goldie Burton
    Niagara Falls City School District
  • Summer Chapman
    Niagara Falls City School District
  • Matthew Enstice
    Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Inc.
  • William Loftus Jr., ’82
    Seneca Foods Corporation
  • Gerald Mead Jr.
    Buffalo State College
  • Judith Quigley Ruse, ’69
  • Clifford Scott
    Niagara Falls Housing Authority
  • Lt. Col. (Ret.) Patrick Soos, ’87
    McKesson Medical Surgical
  • Rocco Surace Sr., ’77 (Chair)
    The Bonadio Group
  • Joe Tonnos, ’10
    Mistral Equity Partners
  • Todd Zyra, ’95