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Students Give Thanks

random picture of students or building on the NU Campus

St. Vincent de Paul said, “Charity is the cement which binds Communities to God and persons to one another.”

Here at Niagara University, we are committed to making sure that all students, regardless of their backgrounds, are presented with an opportunity to better themselves at a university that is excellent, Catholic and Vincentian.

One of the primary ways we do this is by granting scholarships and financial aid to current and prospective students – to the tune of more than $44 million annually.

In fact, 99 percent of our incoming students receive some form of financial aid, a direct byproduct of the generosity of our alumni and friends.

They, and we, thank you.

Just a few recent thank yous… 

Jacob Moroz, Nursing

Frances Crosby Nursing Scholarship, 2023

This scholarship is a high achievement for my schooling career and is very motivational for me to continue my hard work to achieve the grades I have earned. This will also help me pay some of the student loans I owe. I am very appreciative of being recognized for the work I have done both in the classroom and in the community.

Courtney Zatorski, Management - Integrative

Thomas M. O'Brien Scholarship, 2023

Receiving a scholarship makes my college experience less worry-some and shows how hard i worked through high school.

Hunter Frey, Marketing

Dr. Francis J. Waller'65 and Dr. Patricia L. Walle Scholarship, 2023

Receiving this scholarship has removed all the stress from my experience of going to Niagara University. Before, I was always worried of where all my money will come from and how I will be able to pay my balance. Now, I am also able to use some excess funds towards the rest for the third year where the cost of attendance may be higher while I receive less aid. I'm grateful for having received this scholarship.

Morgan Oun, Education 5-12 - Math

Charles E. Merrill Trust Scholarship, 2022

It lessens the financial burden on my family, so that I am able to receive a valuable and meaningful education from Niagara University. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Niagara University community, which was one of the reasons I wanted to attend in the first place.