Board of Trustees

random picture of students or building on the NU Campus
Larry Montani

Larry Montani (Chair)

Committees: Executive (chair), Facilities and Planning, Institutional Advancement, Trusteeship

Chris Ross

Christopher Ross, ’82 (Vice Chair)

Lawley Insurance
Committees: Executive (vice chair), Enrollment and Marketing, Institutional Advancement (chair), Trusteeship

Pamela Jacobs

Pamela Jacobs Vogt (Secretary)

Lawrence D. Jacobs Foundation
Committees: Executive, Mission, Trusteeship

Debra Baker

Debra Baker, '82

Committees: Audit, Executive, Finance, Student Affairs; Subcommittee: Inclusive Excellence (chair)

Jeffrey Bethke

Jeffrey Bethke

Ingenuity Advising LLC
Committees: Executive, Facilities and Planning, Finance (chair), Investment

Kevin Clarke

Kevin Clarke, ’73

Niko Resources Ltd.
Committees: Athletics (chair), Executive, Finance

Peter Cortellucci

Peter Cortellucci

Cortel Group
Committees: Enrollment and Marketing, Institutional Advancement

Donna DeCarolis

Donna DeCarolis

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp.
Committees: Athletics, Finance

Maryalice Demler

Maryalice Demler, ’86

WGRZ-TV, Buffalo, N.Y.
Committees: Enrollment and Marketing (vice chair), Mission

Sister Louise

Sister Louise Gallahue, D.C

Heart, Love and Soul
Committees: Mission (vice chair), Student Affairs

Denise Gonez Santos

Denise Góñez-Santos

RBE-RN West--Erie 1 BOCES
Committees: Academic Affairs, Executive, Faculty Personnel (chair), Mission

Father Stephan Grozio

Very Rev. Stephen Grozio, C.M., '75

Congregation of the Mission, Eastern Province
Committees: Executive, Mission (chair), Trusteeship

Karen Howard

Karen Howard, ’84

Kei Advisors, LLC
Committees: Audit (chair), Executive, Finance, Investment (chair)

John Katko

John Katko, ’84

Committees: Athletics, Institutional Advancement

Jessica Kemp

Jessica Kemp, ’03, ’04

Kemp Financial Group
Committees: Athletics, Institutional Advancement, Investment (vice chair)

Father Maher

Rev. James Maher, C.M., D. Min.

Niagara University
Committees: Executive, Trusteeship (chair)

Faisal Merani

Faisal Merani

Merani Hotel Group
Committees: Facilities and Planning, Student Affairs

Dianne Beedy

Dr. Dianne Morrison-Beedy, ’80

The Ohio State University
Committee: Academic Affairs

Father Marvin Navas

Rev. Marvin Navas, C.M.

Congregation of the Mission
Committees: Mission, Student Affairs

Kathleen Neville

Kathleen Neville, M.S.’15

Neville Consultants Inc.
Committees: Athletics, Student Affairs (vice chair), Trusteeship; Subcommittee: Inclusive Excellence

Michael Nicholson

Michael Nicholson, '88

J. Crew Group
Committees: Enrollment and Marketing (chair), Executive, Finance

Elizabeth Ortiz

Dr. Elizabeth Ortiz

DePaul University
Committees: Enrollment and Marketing, Faculty Personnel, Student Affairs; Subcommittee: Inclusive Excellence

John Overbeck

John Overbeck, ’75

IBM Corp., Niagara University Holzschuh College of Business Administration
Committees: Academic Affairs (chair), Audit, Enrollment and Marketing, Executive

Daniel Patterson

Dr. Daniel Patterson, Ph.D.

Committees: Academic Affairs, Facilities and Planning (vice chair)

Reverend Pridgen

Rev. Craig Pridgen

True Bethel Baptist Church Niagara Falls
Committees: Faculty Personnel, Mission, Student Affairs; Subcommittee: Inclusive Excellence

John Reiger

John Rieger, ’86

Committees: Executive, Facilities and Planning, Student Affairs (chair); Subcommittee: Inclusive Excellence

Joshua Stevens

Joshua Stevens

EmpowerMe Wellness
Committees: Facilities and Planning, Mission

Thomas Summers

Dr. Thomas Summers, ’84

Windsong Radiology Group
Committees: Athletics (vice chair), Enrollment and Marketing