Students Give Thanks

NU Gives ThanksSt. Vincent de Paul said, “Charity is the cement which binds Communities to God and persons to one another.”

Here at Niagara University, we are committed to making sure that all students, regardless of their backgrounds, are presented with an opportunity to better themselves at a university that is excellent, Catholic and Vincentian.

One of the primary ways we do this is by granting scholarships and financial aid to current and prospective students - to the tune of more than $36 million annually.

In fact, 98 percent of our incoming freshmen receive some form of financial aid, a direct byproduct of the generosity of our alumni and friends, but especially that of the members of the John Lynch Society.

They, and we, thank you.

Jamie Lynn Catalano (2017)

Thomas J., ”™34, and Madeline Gibbons Scholarship

With my family and my community behind me I am confident that I will become a doctor. I am so excited to continue to strengthen my leadership skills at Niagara University.

Christopher Wallak (2014)

Gertrude D. Campbell Scholarship

I would like to get my CFA or CFP and continue my career in the financial analyst or adviser field. I would like to say thank you very much for the generous scholarship.

Schurron Cowart

Michael J. Argy, HON”™ 62 Scholarship

This award has encouraged me to strive for academic success, which in turn, I will instill in my [future] students.

Joelle Battaglia (2014)

Kathleen L. Branigan, ”™73 Scholarship

This scholarship makes me strive even more to become successful, so that maybe one day I too can contribute to another NU student.

Alex Nowocien (2017)

Armand, HON”™64 & Eleanor Castellani Business Scholarship

This scholarship will help me to reach my fullest potential as a student.


Ashley Gladney (2014)

John Chauvin, Sr. and John Chauvin, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship

I'm extremely thankful for your help.  I hope to go on to do great things, so that one day I can help another Niagara student.

Jenelle Chapman (2014)

Gertrude D. Campbell Scholarship

This scholarship will help me to become an elementary school teacher in the Western New York region. I hope to pay it forward in the future.