Online Resources

Welcome to the NU College of Education & Human Services Online Support Portal

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies is pleased to provide you with online resources to supplement our "face-to-face" services for current, new and prospective students who are enrolled in online programs or taking individual courses online. To begin, log in the Welcome Portal, fill out the required forms. Information is available below to provide you with links to services, forms and other helpful materials to facilitate your experience in online learning at Niagara.

Additionally, students may email or call advisors to set up appointments to discuss their academic plans in greater detail. Contact information for advisors can be found on individual program pages. You may also contact the Office of Graduate Education & Counseling for further assistance at 716.286.8336.

*Activating your PurplePass is a one-time action to activate your student number and generate a password. This allows students to use one username (s + 7-digit student number) and password for all of the online systems and services listed below. 

Activating Purple Pass

For further assistance, follow the steps in this short video tutorial to activate your PurplePass account.

myNU is a system that offers personalized content, carefully selected and organized links, and many other useful services and resources for NU students. The system's main function is to bring a collection of essential university and program information to our students in an efficient and organized website. It also facilitates efficient communication with our students through its email/messaging system. myNU can be accessed using the username and password generated by activating your PurplePass!

Edit your Profile

To be able to register for courses, students will need to log onto their myNU account and edit their profile. This must be done each semester before registering for courses.

  • Log into myNU
  • Enter username. Username is a lowercase “s” followed by your 7-digit student number (Ex. s0056789)
  • Enter Password.  To get an initial password, all students must first activate their PurplePass. At NU, one username and password allows you access to all of our Systems. We call it the PurplePass. Your PurplePass username will be a lower case “s” followed by your 7-digit student number (for example, s0123456). Once activated, you’ll be given a random password. Please Change Your Password as soon as possible through the Change Password link in myNU. (Forgot your Password?)
  • You should now be logged into your account. Click on the Edit Your Profile Box and update your profile (check over the data and make necessary corrections).
  • Click the submit button on the bottom of the page

**It will take at least 20 minutes to update your profile in the system before you are able to register**


Course Offerings

Students can view the course offerings for each semester before registering for classes.


In the middle of your MyNU home page, under the "My Courses" heading you will find the courses you are registered for organized by semester, as well as a link to access all required textbooks and materials for your courses.

Students will be able to look up their required books through our campus bookstore. The ISBN number(s) can also be gathered from this site if students wish to purchase their books elsewhere.

For further assistance, follow the steps in this short video tutorial to look up your required course books.

myNU Email

MyNU email can be accessed through the links at the top of your MyNU home page. You will want to check your myNU email account frequentlyAll communication with professors and the university will take place through this email account


The Niagara University Library can be accessed online through the links at the top of your MyNU home page. Through this site, you can look for articles, books, and e-books to find the information you need.

For further assistance, follow the steps in this short video tutorial to access the NU library webpage.

Canvas is a user-friendly online environment that connects instructors and students both in and out of the classroom. Canvas is used for managing enrollments, sharing documents, submitting assignments, assigning grades, as well as personalized features for individual students. Students should check their Canvas account frequently. All online and hybrid courses will take place through this site.

*Each professor reserves the right to set up their course in the manner they feel is most effective. It is in students' best interest to become familiar with how each of their courses is set up through Canvas. 

Video Tutorial

Find a quick Canvas video introduction here!

Self-Service is designed to supply students with personal and financial information. You will be able to access Self-Service through a link on the top right hand side of your myNU home page. You can access your Self-Service account with your Purple Pass log-in information. You can make payments online, view and make decisions regarding financial aid/scholarship packages, register for classes, request transcripts, access final grades, access program evaluations, etc.

Course Registration

Follow this Self-Service guide to learn how to plan your course of study and register for classes. 

Chalk & Wire is a web based e-portfolio system required for most students (depending on major program of study) in the College of Education. Using Chalk & Wire, our candidates can build an unlimited number of showcase or career-search portfolios.  Portfolios can demonstrate a single skill or multiple skills. They can showcase a collection of artifacts that reveal a variety of accomplishments, as well as display how assignments have been fulfilled. They can also reveal their reflections on assessments and benchmark performance tasks required throughout the candidates academic and working career.

The New York State Department of Education and the Council for the Accreditation (CAEP) now require all accredited programs to document individual candidate performance based on state and national standards. Chalk & Wire e-portfolio will document the candidate's performance on course assignments aligned with these standards. Assignment requirements are identified in the course syllabus.  

Candidates will automatically be enrolled to Chalk and Wire within the first couple weeks of their starting semester/program.  An automated welcome email will be received in their student email account when this occurs.  Candidates can access Chalk and Wire using their Purple Pass credentials.  A small fee will be placed directly onto the candidate’s tuition statement for use of the system.  Students who do not receive the welcome email should contact the Niagara University Chalk and Wire school administrator.

Chalk & Wire interfaces with Canvas. Candidates must log in to Canvas to access Chalk & Wire from the menu bar.  Students will need to setup a portfolio in order to see the courses listed under their program of study.  This can be accomplished by going to the portfolio tab and selecting the “new portfolio” button located near the top of the section and selecting from the dropdown menu the portfolio that is for their program of study.  Once added, students will be able to select their course(s) and upload assignment(s) and send to their professors.  When an assignment is submitted, Chalk & Wire will notify the instructor that the assignment is ready to be assessed. The instructor will assess the assignment using the program rubric (as outlined in the course syllabus) and candidates will see results when available.  At the completion of the program candidates will have a complete portfolio of key assignments that document their professional growth.

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide will aid students in the formatting of their Chalk & Wire e-portfolio, submitting assignments, and checking results of assignments submitted.  For further assistance, please contact your Chalk and Wire administrator on Campus.