Disney College Program


Looking to get your foot in the door with one of the most recognized brands in the world in The Walt Disney Company®? Look no further than the Disney College Program! The Disney College Program (DCP) allows you to earn 12-15 credit hours towards graduation while at Disney (thus, still keeping you as a full-time student). Those hours also count towards your 800-hour requirement for industry experience at NU.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Disney College Program allows students to work for a renowned entertainment and hospitality company, while participating in a variety of networking opportunities. This allows participants to build their resume and gain real world experience with Disney over the course of a few months. Plus, if participants enjoy their time so much that they want to continue or come back at some point, Disney Professional Internships are available as well!

Participants also have free admission to the theme parks when they aren’t working, along with discounts on merchandise, food, and room accommodations. In addition, you won’t jeopardize your financial aid status or enrollment status at Niagara University if you accept a Disney internship.


To be eligible for the Disney College Program while enrolled at NU, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have space on your respective curriculum card for 12-15 elective credits

  • Must have at least Sophomore status before attending (students can apply during the spring of their freshman year for the following fall or summer + fall)

  • Must have an overall GPA of at least 2.5

  • No previous disciplinary problems 

  • Must secure approval of Disney Internship Coordinator 

Students who participate in the Disney College Program are hourly associates who have the ability to earn overtime. Those who participate live in housing complexes located near the Disneyland Resort® and Walt Disney World Resort®. Housing features 24-hour security, fully-furnished apartments, a pool and fitness center on property, and all utilities included in the price of rent. Transportation to and from work, along with the parks and other local areas of interest, is also featured as part of housing.

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Housing Fees

Housing Information

To learn more and apply to the Disney College Program, visit their website. Recruiters from Disney are not visiting college campuses at this time, so you must apply online!

Campus Rep:

Disney Internship Coordinator:
Dr. Chang Huh

Remember, you must see Dr. Huh with your offer letter before you may accept an offer from Disney!

  1. Apply for the Disney Internship Program online
  2. Contact Dr. Huh with an offer letter for the Disney Internship Program
  3. 12 Credit hours will be registered by Dr. Huh
  4. During and after your internship, you should do several assignments and do well with your internship to earn your 12 credit hours

Interested in the Disney College Program?

Contact Dr. Chang Huh for more information.