Field Experience

Teacher candidates agree that student teaching is a valuable learning experience. As employers seek to hire new teachers, reports regarding performance as a teacher candidate are considered valuable information in this process.

  • Rank student teaching as your first priority; proper preparation and lesson planning are essential, and will require a great deal of time and effort.
  • Extend basic courtesy and respect toward school administrators, teachers, students, and members of the community.
  • Strive to teach effectively and creatively with dedication and enthusiasm.
  • Be sure to plan for all teaching and submit plans to your teacher prior to teaching the class, unless otherwise requested.
  • Conform to school regulations and policies, and to local standards of behavior, including standards of dress.
  • Report to all school appointments and responsibilities at the scheduled time.
  • Become acquainted with students in your class (e.g. names of your students, background) as soon as possible via observations, and conferences with your classroom teacher.
  • Safeguard all personal/confidential information concerning students and use this information for professional purposes only.
  • Confer regularly with your classroom teacher regarding your professional progress as well as problems, which may arise concerning such matters as discipline and rapport with students.
  • When referring to the host school, the university program and the community, refrain from making unfavorable remarks.
  • Strive for professional and personal growth through continued study and effort.

As you prepare for student teaching in the upcoming semesters, you should also be prepared to complete some of the tasks required for NYS Initial Certification. The workshops to the right are a part of that process. Please remember that while we offer one of the workshops via Canvas and another on-campus (DASA), you are ultimately responsible for taking the necessary steps towards licensure. If you are unable to attend the DASA training provided on-campus, the link provided will lead you to alternative options. Therefore, as your schedule permits, feel free to take advantage of completing these workshops. Please use the links provided to find a date and time most conducive to you. Also, be mindful of the instruction for submitting proof of completion to NYSED (New York State Education Department).

SPA is the highest national association for teacher education within a specific educational discipline.