Center for Mindful Practice

Mindfulness Center for Mindful Practice imageNiagara University is proud to announce the establishment of the Center for Mindful Practice. The Center for Mindful Practice will promote mindfulness-based education and practices through an annual conference, workshops, classes, publications, and consultation with schools and community agencies.

Our annual Mindfulness and Mindful Movement for Educators and Wellness Professionals convention will be virtual this year! We are lining up some magnificent presentation on a variety of topics ranging from incorporating mindfulness into the classroom to Balancing the five emotions of Chinese Medicine. The convention was held on September 26th and 27th through zoom! We thank everyone who participated and attended our first virtual conference.  View the contact info for our presenters if you have any questions.

Planning Committee

Planning Committee Chair Phillips (Kester), Dr. Donna
Mindfulness Conversations Murphy, Mrs. Kelly
Qigong Rosinski, Ms. Susi