Food Marketing Center of Excellence

The Food Marketing Center of Excellence (FMC) is a collaboration between food industry leaders and the marketing department of Niagara University to create, build, and inspire transformative programs and partnerships that position the food industry of Western New York at the pinnacle of global excellence, while enriching educational and service opportunities for students.

In addition to seminars, certifications, and networking events, the FMC sponsors an annual Innovation Summit for food industry executives to share the latest insights and industry trends. 

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The FMC is organized to provide executive support, college-level education programs, student-centered opportunities in industry, and community service consistent with the Vincentian mission.

The FMC advisory board oversees curriculum design, learning goals, and outcomes of the B.S. food marketing degree offered by the marketing department, College of Business Administration, Niagara University, and accredited by AACSB International. This oversight includes quality assurance, assessment, and measurement of key performance indicators. It is the most industry-focused and industry-informed degree of its kind in the world.

The FMC provides case studies, presentations, industry applications, lectures, assessments, company tours, internships, and employment opportunities to students in Niagara University’s B.S. food marketing program. Each food marketing class requires significant participation by industry experts from the FMC.

The FMC advisory board consists of distinguished food executives from Western New York and representatives from the College of Business Administration and includes:

  • Tony Battaglia, Lactalis American Group
  • Robert Castellani, Food Industry Executive
  • Drew Cerza, Just Wing it Productions
  • Bill Chiodo, Affinity Group
  • Jeff Culhane, Tops Markets
  • Mike DeCory, Wegmans Food Markets
  • Bob Denning Perry's Ice Cream
  • Robert Ferretti, Food Industry Executive
  • Josh Halpern, Big Chicken
  • Stephen Klarich, Clorox Company
  • Natalie Kreher, Kreher's Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Bill Mauro, Advantage Solutions
  • Jamie McKeon, Rich Products
  • Brian Mercer, Tropicana
  • Eric Moglin, Pepsico
  • Mark Serling, Upstate Niagara Cooperative
  • Lisa Strock, The Martin Group
  • Ricky Tatar, LiDestri Food & Drink
  • Mike Urness, Seurat Group
  • John Zimmerman, Rosina Food Products, Inc.
  • Phil Catanese, Niagara University
  • Shawn Daly, Niagara University
  • Mark Frascatore, Niagara University
  • Ann Rensel, Niagara University

            FMCOE Committee Members

  • Jack Ampuja, Niagara University
  • Sarah Heximer, Niagara University
  • Mike Skowronski, Niagara University
For more information on the FMCOE, please contact Phillip Catanese, director of centers and college outreach.