Academic Exploration Program

The Academic Exploration Program (AEP) was developed three decades ago to support students who are still deciding on an academic major. The AEP advising staff is dedicated to helping students find the area of study and potential career path that best suits their passions and goals. 

AEP offers students:

  • Exclusive Access. Coaching on various academic curriculum, university policies and procedures, campus resources and transition from high school to college.
  • Advanced Tools. Online assessments to learn more about a student's interests, skills, and values.
  • Personalized Coaching. One-on-one advisement, including the availability to meet with an advisor at least three times per semester.
  • Unlimited Exploration. Opportunities to take a variety of courses that count toward academic and graduation requirements.
  • Career Direction. Knowledge of each major offered at Niagara University and potential fields of study and career paths.

Winner of the Outstanding Advising Program Award by the National Academic Advising Association:


Ninety-two percent of Niagara University seniors will graduate in the declared major (or a related major) they chose through AEP.


Students benefit from individualized and personalized advisement, and a supportive environment that encourages knowledge and self-discovery.


Students stay on a four-year graduation track, saving time and money. NU offers generous merit-based scholarships, awards and grants to qualifying first-year students.